World of Mateos – Innovation for Life.

We put people and their well being at the center of what we do,Stimulating their senses to bring about joy in everyday activities.we design products made to last generations,products that are timeless and impervious to trends.We focus on people and the environment in which they live.

Custom Made

Mateos group is built to order. Our designers start with a blank sheet of paper – and the customer’s brief.



Mateos manufactures its products in a way that combines traditional craftsmanship with the precision of modern technology.

Built To Last

Built To Last

Mateos expects its products to work faultlessly for decades. We aim for unsurpassed quality in every detailing.

Material & Colors

Material and Colors

In Mateos world you can sketch your dream with any color of your choice.

Detailed Perfection

Detailed Perfection

With Mateos, the closer one looks, the more there is to admire everyone.

Innovative Design

Innovative Design

At Mateos World, We work with leading designers & organisations to develop innovative solution.

Endless Possibilities:

The wide range of materials, finishes and colors available in the Mateos Range, As well as our own ranges of finishes and shades, which are inspired by natural colors Mateos also offers a bespoke color matching service for any color defined in the RAL. The possibilities are infinite.

Innovation with tradition:

At Mateos, our techniques unite the best of modern technology with time-hallowed craft skills. State of the art computer-controlled cutting and milling equipment ensures absolute precision time after time, yet every finished Mateos Product is also the result of hand craftsmanship. Naturally, testing and quality control ensure that every stage of the process is up to perfectionist standards. For each of our customers, the result is a bespoke Product made to unsurpassed standards.

A reflection of quality:

For decades, Mateos has been known for its skill with high gloss surfaces and lacquer. The company’s innovative ten-layer polishing technique set new standards of flawless brilliance, and today’s finishes maintain that international standards.

Proven durability:

Our Products are renowned for their strength and the ability to withstand a lifetime of hard use. The materials we use to create them are enormously strong, as are the jointing techniques we employ.

Unsurpassed quality:

There are many good reasons for choosing a Mateos Products. These include the wide choice of finishes and materials; enduring construction; made to measure individuality; and the highest standards of quality.

Yet there is ultimately a single, overriding reason why: our customers can be sure that they will get the very best from us. The very best quality, the longest life and the very best of support.